We can repair Samsung Galaxy S8 phones too !

Samsung Galaxy S8 (and S8+) has been voted one of the most fragile mobile phones of all time. We hope you never need to fix it but in case you do, we can now repair it for you !

Galaxy S8 has very similar built to the Galaxy S7 Edge. However it seems that the charging port is much easier to repair as it doesn’t require replacing the screen as in previous model. Galaxy S8 has also the back lens reinforced so it is less prone to cracking. It was a nightmare for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners.

The screen replacement is not cheap for S8. It uses innovative technology so the cost of the replacement part makes is expensive to repair. Even if you break just the glass, the whole front screen needs to be changed because of the curved glass and strong bonding with the AMOLED display.

The repair of the screen or the back never should take more than 2 hours in our Store. Most of the time we fix it in less than in 1 hour! We already have Galaxy S8 screens and back glass in stock. You can inquire for more details, book the repair on our website or just order the service online.




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