In case you didn’t know, we buy mobile phones and laptops.

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Bring your new or used iPhone, Samsung or any other phone for a quick sale. We offer competitive prices and pay you cash when you bring it. Is your phone faulty ? No problem ! We are still interested in buying it for parts.

You may have many reasons for selling your phone or laptop including unwanted upgrade, financial issues or if you have just upgraded to the newer device.

Usually we offer better prices for your phone, tablet, MacBook, iMac or any Windows laptops than any buying shop. If you want to sell more than 1 laptop, we may also collect it from you. Just send us a question first to find out how much we can offer you.

This process is very simple, just send us a text to 07783516693 describing the device, condition, color, memory capacity, box, receipt and if you already know how much you want for it, please tell us. If you don’t mention your price, we will reply with an offer usually within hour. You may also give us a call or just bring your phone for the estimation. Once we agree the price, we invite you to the store, test the device in front of you and if there are no surprises, you will be paid cash right away !

In case we find the visual condition is worst than expected or if the device is not fully functional, we may offer you a different price than originally agreed. Please describe your device as careful as you can.


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