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Desktop PC computer repair services in London.

The inner hardware system of a desktop computer
We can repair, upgrade or built a new PC desktop computer for your needs.

We understand it may be difficult to bring your desktop with you so we can come to your house or office and do the diagnostic there. We charge £30 per visit + the cost of repair (if it can be repaired while we there).




Some of PC computer repair prices:
No hidden costs, only price that we agreed.

All repairs performed in our store by dedicated team.

We leave your data untouched.

The use of highest quality parts on the market.

Always only best possible solutions to your Apple MacBook.

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What can we do for your PC ?

Faulty power supply

If your desktop computer doesn’t startup it can be the power supply problem. You may also need to replace the power supply if you upgraded any components of your PC, for example graphic card or additional hard drive. We can perform the check for you and replace the power supply within only few hours.

Faulty components.

Desktop PC has a modular built what makes it easier to upgrade and components to replace. When you have problem with your desktop, it can be related to any part of it including processor, hard drive, graphic card, RAM memory or the motherboard. Contact us for a quick estimation of your computer repair.

RAM memory upgrade

Upgrading the RAM is the first thing to make your PC run faster and smoother. This service we can provide while you wait and also on your premisses.

Overheating issues

When your desktop PC shuts down frequently, we will check the temperature of processor and graphic card first. If we find that it is too high, we will replace the comptbound thermal paste and clean the cooling system. If it has to be replaced, we will inform you about that first.

Hard drive help

When your computer doesnt start up, it can be also a hardware problem. We can check the condition of the hard drive by removing it and testing on our diagnostic machine. If we find a fault, we suggest to backup all data and replace the storage.

Windows problems repair

Issues with your desktop can be not only hardware but mostly software. If it is too slow, if that restarts to frequently or doesnt start at all, our technicians will restore it to factory settings. We will migrate your settings and data if you need to. Setting you computer like new again, doesn’t mean to loose any of important files !

Speed optimalisation

You desktop computer still have a potential to run smoother and faster. We can give you some professional advice, how to upgrade it at minimum cost.

Build a new desktop computer

If you need a new desktop for specific tasks, this is a perfect place. We follow all the latest trends and have already built few PC computers to run virutal technology like OCULUS RIFT or HTC VIVE at its best.