What would be your phone without a case, screen protector or a charger ? Accessory market has many of  smart and innovative ideas. There are also others smart in a bit different way – they copy others ideas and sell its iterations for less. These accessories are poorer with quality too.  Don’t  get me wrong, I don’t say it is totally wrong to buy cheaper accessories but most of the time you get what you pay for and sometimes you are not aware that you should pay more. And you want to pay more!

Design of the USB lightning cableGenuine iPhone USB cables from Apple store cost £15.00 each but when you look on eBay you can get one for as cheap as £1. Where is the catch ?

It is called lightning cable and has been designed to charge and sync no matter which side you connect the cable. It has a processor hidden between connector and the lead. It is smart, innovative and very expensive. The biggest challenge for chineese copy-makers was to clone the main processor. After months of trying they put on the market millions of copies somehow charging and syncing. 

In the meantime Apple released the very controversial iOS 7 update changing a little the way your iPhone’s interface looks and third party charging cables behave.

So you are connecting your iPhone / iPad to a Mac or PC and it says: “These accessory is not supported by your iPhone”. Or maybe when connected it just frequently connects and disconnects not allowing to sync or charge your device ? Don’t worry, your phone is fine, buy a better cable!

You can buy charge and sync USB cables from RaPhone store in the Accessories for much less than £15.00 solving all problems related to the cheapest third party cable copies.