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25 May, 2017

We can repair Samsung Galaxy S8 phones too !

May 25th, 2017|0 Comments

Samsung Galaxy S8 (and S8+) has been voted one of the most fragile mobile phones of all time. We hope you never need to fix it but in case you do, we can now repair it for you !

Galaxy S8 has very similar built to the Galaxy S7 Edge. However it seems that the charging port is much easier to repair as it doesn’t require replacing the screen as in previous model. Galaxy S8 has also the back lens reinforced so it is less prone to cracking. It was a nightmare for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners. 

The screen replacement is not cheap for S8. It uses innovative technology so the cost of the replacement part makes is expensive to repair. Even if you break just the glass, the whole front screen needs to be changed because of the curved glass and strong bonding with the AMOLED display.

The repair of the screen or the back never should take more than 2 hours in our Store. Most of the time we fix it in less than in 1 hour! We already have Galaxy S8 screens and back glass in stock. You can inquire for more details, book the repair on our website or just order the service online.

Galaxy S8




17 Apr, 2017

In case you didn’t know, we buy mobile phones and laptops.

April 17th, 2017|0 Comments

Bring your new or used iPhone, Samsung or any other phone for a quick sale. We offer competitive prices and pay you cash when you bring it. Is your phone faulty ? No problem ! We are still interested in buying it for parts.

You may have many reasons for selling your phone or laptop including unwanted upgrade, financial issues or if you have just upgraded to the newer device.

Usually we offer better prices for your phone, tablet, MacBook, iMac or any Windows laptops than any buying shop. If you want to sell more than 1 laptop, we may also collect it from you. Just send us a question first to find out how much we can offer you.

This process is very simple, just send us a text to 07783516693 describing the device, condition, color, memory capacity, box, receipt and if you already know how much you want for it, please tell us. If you don’t mention your price, we will reply with an offer usually within hour. You may also give us a call or just bring your phone for the estimation. Once we agree the price, we invite you to the store, test the device in front of you and if there are no surprises, you will be paid cash right away !

In case we find the visual condition is worst than expected or if the device is not fully functional, we may offer you a different price than originally agreed. Please describe your device as careful as you can. 


16 Apr, 2017

Raphone is changing name to Fixfactor

April 16th, 2017|0 Comments

Before we opened in 2013, we were thinking about the name for our company and that was not easy. We called Raphone based on “Repair-a-phone” as we started purely as the phone repair shop. Since then, we have evolved and not only offering mobile phone repairs but also IT support and computer repairs. However the name “Raphone” still says about phones and people are surprised that we fix anything else.

This is the main reason why we have decided to change the branding. We have learnt that the name should associate with what we do and give us some space for expansion. I hope you like the new name “Fixfactor”. We are still polishing the logo and should be ready very soon !

23 Mar, 2017

Microsoft Surface Tablet Repairs Available, By Post Or In the Store

March 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

We have just introduced support for Microsoft Surface tablets. We can repair the following models: Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, Surface 4, Surface Pro 4 and the latest Surface Book.

We can repair broken screen on the Surface, broken front glass, charging ports, housing but also we can change the battery or help with the software.

Microsoft Surface screen repair service in london

Why should you bring it to our store instead of sending it to Microsoft ?

With Microsoft, you have open repair request on their website, after that they will send you instructions how you need to ship the device back to them. When they receive it, in return you will receive tablet which has been repaired but not the one which you sent them. They instruct you to delete all the data but if you cannot create backup, they cannot do that for you. All the content will be lost. And the whole repair process takes 2-3 weeks most of the time.

We offer repairs with much less hassle still using same original replacement parts.We don’t delete your data, if those are still there, you get the access to them after we repair the tablet. Usually the repair takes around 2-3 days. Replacement parts that we use are Microsoft genuine so the repair results will be same as if you send it to them.

You can choose to bring your Surface Pro tablet for repair, you can send it by courier or if you are located in London, we could visit you and replace the screen on the spot. We offer 6 months warranty on the Microsoft Surface repair service.

Models that we support range from Microsoft Surface 2, Pro 2, Surface Pro 3, Microsoft Surface 4, Surface Pro and the latest Surface Book. Some of replacement parts we always keep in stock but some we need to order and the process may take 3-10 working days. We can tell exact waiting time when you call us or send an email.

Here is the Microsoft Surface repair page with what we offer: https://repairaphone.co.uk/tablet-repair/microsoft-surface/.

27 Apr, 2016

Get your hard drive replaced with the SSD in our Store !

April 27th, 2016|2 Comments

The hard disk drive uses a mechanical arm with a read/write head to move around and read information from the right location on a storage platter. Like a pendrive, there are no moving parts to an SSD. Rather, information is stored in microchips.

Nowadays the hard drive appears to be the weakest element of a computer. Replacing it with the SSD will make it so much faster! It can be a good time to upgrade it when it fails too. All MacBooks manufactured after 2013 use Flash storage already but if you still use a good Unibody Macbook manufactured between 2007 – 2012, it may be much cheaper to change the hard drive to the SSD than buying a new Mac.

If you use a Windows laptop, benefits from changing the HDD to the SSD can be like a whole new experience. System loads faster, windows open quicker, computer works smoother and that all counts for much better productivity, where you can concentrate on the work you do but not waiting for applications to load.

Here in our Store, we use only best quality and fastest SSD manufactured by Samsung. You can choose between 250GB, 500GB or 1TB storage. We can replace your hard drive same day and also install the operating system (Windows or OS X) on the very same day. Let us know if you need to get your data transferred as we can help with that too!

27 Apr, 2016

My phone is waterproof. Will it stay waterproof after repair ?

April 27th, 2016|0 Comments

While some of mobile phones get close to being labeled waterproof, we probably should treat them as just resistant to water.

When we talk about waterproof hardware, we often refer to an IP rating. This stands for Ingress Protection, and is usually followed by a number, which refers to its ability to withstand water and dust.

If the IP number starts with a six, then the device features complete protection from dust, and must ward off particles to the extent where none can find their way in. If the number is a five, like the IP55/IP58, then the phone is protected against ingress, and any particles that do get inside won’t stop it from working.

There are only to major phone manufacturers offering water and dust proof mobile phones: Sony and Samsung. Once again, they don’t really guarantee your phone to go under water or they only allow it within the first year of manufacturer’s warranty.

When it comes to your device being repaired outside the warranty, it is very difficult or almost impossible to get it waterproof again. Here in Raphone, we use original parts but we don’t recommend you to use your Sony or Samsung phone in a water anymore.

02 Nov, 2014

Broken screen or just a front glass. What is the difference ?

November 2nd, 2014|0 Comments

Why does it cost almost the same to change the whole screen or just the front glass only ?
Above on the picture you can see the Nexus 5 with just the front glass broken. This phone even if has the glass broken, the screen is still fully functional. Whenever you have the LCD screen broken you might see colour lines from the top to the bottom, colour distortions or you cannot see anything. Some phone screens have the touch functionality also built into the LCD  so no responsiveness may stand for the broken LCD screen too. Another group of phones have the touch digitiser together with the front glass so once you get the crack you cannot use your phone at all.

iPhone 6, 5S, 5, 4S, 4 – LCD and the touch (digitiser) as one part, front glass attached to the LCD with a glue
Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2, Note series – digitiser and the LCD screen as one part, front glass attached with a glue
XPERIA Z3, Z2, Z1, Z – LCD screen separate, digitiser and front glass as one part BUT is so well assembled with the LCD that is marginally possible to separate them
LG G3, G2 – LCD separate, digitiser and front glass as one part, well assembled together! 

The front glass in the top mobile phones is currently made of the Corning Gorilla Glass advertised as the strongest glass material available. You already know it is not that strong.

RaPhone is one of only few places in UK to fix any phone with broken LCD screen or the front glass at a very competitive cost giving you options of walk-in repair, delivery or on-site repair, same day. If you have any questions give us a call or drop us an e-mail!
17 Apr, 2014

HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony XPERIA Z2. Shall I wait for the iPhone 6 ?

April 17th, 2014|0 Comments

What the iPhone 6 will look like ? As the phone specialists we hear this question everyday. The 2014 has been already setup with all big players of the mobile device market expect one: the Apple.

What can we say about HTC, Samsung and Sony flagships this year ? They are all the same like their previous version, just better. Is it what we all expected ? It seems like not really. So shall we wait ?

In this multi-billion pound worth dynamic changing industry, innovation is something what can bring a glory or actually… push you out of the track. This is why manufacturers once they create a formula that simply works, they don’t completely change it after time but gently try to make it better.

Now the question is, how can we compare the iPhone and its dedicated iOS system to Google’s Android platform used by Sony, HTC, Samsung and LG ? “Should it be about having the most awarded phone on the market or maybe shall I buy something what just suits me ? So how do I know which phone shall I choose ?”. Let me help you to answer all this questions.

[to be continued…]

09 Apr, 2014

Sapphire glass instead of the Gorilla glass ?

April 9th, 2014|0 Comments

Do you know what the sapphire glass is ? Well, it is a crystal which is being synthetically achieved especially in the last few years. Reason ? It is really really hard, resistant and since 2003 becomes really cheap. It is being used in the jewellery industry but also for optical components. High end watches like Rollex also use sapphire crystal. Apple used sapphire glass to protect the touch ID home button in its iPhone 5S.

It looks like we will hear and see more sapphire glass in the nearest future. The current strongest material used to protect LCD screen of Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5S which is the Gorilla Glass will have a very strong competition. Apple already has opened a factory manufacturing this strong material. Will we see it protecting the front in the new iPhone 6 ? We will see. For now we know that…

… it is not as unbreakable as being advertised. It still breaks. I mean comparing to the Gorilla Glass and running it thought same set of tests it shows that RaPhone will still have at least same group of clients.

For the front glass repair services please click here.
31 Mar, 2014

Some iPhone USB cables don’t work after iOS 7 update. Why ?

March 31st, 2014|0 Comments

What would be your phone without a case, screen protector or a charger ? Accessory market has many of  smart and innovative ideas. There are also others smart in a bit different way – they copy others ideas and sell its iterations for less. These accessories are poorer with quality too.  Don’t  get me wrong, I don’t say it is totally wrong to buy cheaper accessories but most of the time you get what you pay for and sometimes you are not aware that you should pay more. And you want to pay more!

Design of the USB lightning cableGenuine iPhone USB cables from Apple store cost £15.00 each but when you look on eBay you can get one for as cheap as £1. Where is the catch ?

It is called lightning cable and has been designed to charge and sync no matter which side you connect the cable. It has a processor hidden between connector and the lead. It is smart, innovative and very expensive. The biggest challenge for chineese copy-makers was to clone the main processor. After months of trying they put on the market millions of copies somehow charging and syncing. 

In the meantime Apple released the very controversial iOS 7 update changing a little the way your iPhone’s interface looks and third party charging cables behave.

So you are connecting your iPhone / iPad to a Mac or PC and it says: “These accessory is not supported by your iPhone”. Or maybe when connected it just frequently connects and disconnects not allowing to sync or charge your device ? Don’t worry, your phone is fine, buy a better cable!

You can buy charge and sync USB cables from RaPhone store in the Accessories for much less than £15.00 solving all problems related to the cheapest third party cable copies.