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Microsoldering – Board Level Repair For iPhone, iPad, Samsung

Micro soldering repairs in London by phone repair specialist Fix Factor

Micro Soldering Repair

Select on of common micro soldering repairs for iPhone and iPad. Please call if you cannot find required service.



Read what customers say about micro soldering (board level) repairs.

Seriously impressive service from RA Phone FixFactor UK in South Wimbledon replacement BlackBerry PRIV battery. 1 hour turnaround efficient and friendly team. Highly recommended. Brilliant. Thank you.read more
Keith Widdop gis2xl
Keith Widdop gis2xl
17:04 08 Jan 19
Fantastic and fast service. Even repaired my camera and speaker on the house! Highly recommend these great people!
David Shtern
David Shtern
14:01 21 Dec 18
Top notch! Efficient service, good communication and very professional service from these friendly guys when I needed my phone screen replaced.read more
James Penrose
James Penrose
17:23 10 Dec 18
Excellent customer service! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff who really care about fixing your device and know what they are doing! Definitely recommend!read more
Erin Kosobudska
Erin Kosobudska
00:01 05 Dec 18
Used this Company on a recommendation and great reviews. Can only say that the excellent feedback is fully justified. Right from the moment of first telephone call, Ceasar was most professional in explaining costs and timescale of my Samsung screen repair. Raphone may not be the cheapest, but certainly seems the best. My phone had been returned looking like new and seems to be working normally. Would thoroughly recommend this professional company and not hesitate to use again.read more
Daphne Thomas
Daphne Thomas
17:15 10 Nov 18
Excellent service and advice. The job only took a few minutes and I wasn't charged! Also the waiting area is very clean and stylish (if you did have to wait!). Very impressed by the friendly and knowledgeable staff.read more
Jane Kersley
Jane Kersley
11:10 08 Nov 18
Professional and friendly service. Went in there to check a faulty phone battery, or so I thought. They stayed after hours waiting for me to get there, diagnosed that the issue wasn't the battery (I'd been told this by other repair shops...trying to get a quick buck no doubt) and then didn't charge me a thing for it. May be able to find a cheaper quick fix elsewhere but wouldn't trust anyone more than these guys with my phone.read more
Adam Shone
Adam Shone
09:20 15 Aug 18
I had broken the glass in front of my phone's camera, something that the manufacturers official repairer said they didn't know they could fix, and would take at least 7 days.I contacted Raphone by email and got a quick reply confirming they could fix it, and the price. I then went into the store and dropped my phone off and it was fixed in under 2 hours.Staff on email and in person were very friendly and helpful and prices were reasonable.This isn't one of those dodgy looking phone repair places, this is a legitimate and professional store and services. Very happy with everything.read more
Marshall Whitehouse
Marshall Whitehouse
12:13 26 Jul 18

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1-5 days repair turnaround for your device micro soldering repair when you send it, choose the service from the website, enter your details, send with courier or Royal Mail and get it back repaired within few days. You decide how fast it needs to be done. You can pay after repair. 


While you wait repair

Book an appointment for your devices micro soldering repair. It will be fixed within agreed time, usually in less than 1 hour, while you wait. Enjoy our coffee and snacks. See you in our store in London. If you cannot come, we can arrange a same day courier.


Why to choose us for micro soldering repair ?

iPhone with no picture after screen repair or the screen is very dark ? Problem with the Wifi, is the Wifi greyed out ? iPhone not charging and no signs of life ? Or maybe your iPhone 7 has a boot loop problem ? We specialise in fixing logic boards for iPhone and iPads but we can also help with some Samsung Galaxy phones. All our micro soldering repairs come with free shipping and 6 months warranty.

Sometimes what it looks like screen problem may be the logic board problem and opposite. Before we start the repair we will do the diagnostic first. Not all problems are repairable but we have the experience and the method to check it out first.

We are in a constant process of training, there is no device too new or too difficult to repair. We consider any custom quote.

Micro soldering requires highest precision and high quality tools. We got it all. However as we work using high temperature near other very fragile elements, the repair is risky and in some cases the device may stop working at all. We warn you before and we don’t take responsibility if that happens.



Micro Soldering Repair

Each board level repair job starts with diagnostic service to confirm
the problem.


iPhone Connector Repair

We can replace damaged connectors for digitizer, LCD, battery or anything as long as replacement parts are available. Prices for FPC connectors start from £49.

Touch Disease Repair

iPhone 6 Plus touch screen problems are related to the touch IC on the logic board. We may need 1-2 days to get it fixed.

iPhone No Backlight Repair

We repair backlight or half backlight problems on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 or iPhone 7 Plus by replacing backlight filter, capacitors, diode or IC.



Board level repairs for iphone and ipad in london uk by fix factor

iPhone No Power Repair

iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus no power problems after using not original chargers or car chargers, are usually related to U2 (Tristar IC) will be repaired within few days.

iPad No LCD Repair

No picture on the screen of your iPad after unsuccessful repair ? This can be also repaired on iPad 2, 3, 4, mini and iPad Air.

Water Damage Repair

There is no guarantee that we can fix your water damage phone and recover your data but we will do our best to get it to work.


Microsoldering components for logic board repairs london fix factor

Logic board replacement parts

We stock wide range of replacement parts for iPhone and iPad logic boards. We can deliver it for next day if needed. Please contact us for more info.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


There are some common issues for every popular mobile phone model. For example iPhone 5S can suffer from long screw damage or overcharge causing the U2 IC fault, iPhone 6 may have no backlight after being dropped or not professional screen replacement, Google Pixel has famous problem with audio chip and iPhone 7 may have greyed out speaker or boot loop issue. However there are some other issues possible to repair that qualify to the micro soldering category. Before we start the job, we will confirm that the problem is related to the logic board. If the problem is of a different nature, we will let you know.

Yes, this is a quite risky job. First of all we use a high temperature and even 1mm move can be the wrong move. We have the precision on the highest level but phone mother boards are not made to be repaired according to manufacturers. They can only offer replacement because they know how difficult, time consuming and risky the job is. We warn you that sometimes the job may not be successful and the phone may stop to work at all. Sometimes the solution may not work. We will not charge you for the repair if the job is not successful. However we will ask you for the diagnostic fee as we have done whatever was possible for your phone to get it fixed.

We can replace any component on the logic board that can only be replaced and if only replacement parts are available. We can change LCD or digitizer connectors, charging ports, capacitors, U2 tristar, audio IC for iPhone 7, Wifi for iPhone 6, backlight IC, diode or filter and many more. The most important part in micro soldering is to correctly diagnose the problem. Most of the time the problem can be diagnosed.

Most important are the microscope with binoculars and the camera, professional soldering station with hot tweezers and the hot air gun. We pay good attention to quality of flux we use (Amtech), best solder (Kesler) or we use ultra fine tweezers. We use grounded mats and schematics like ZXW Tools.

We give 6 months warranty for all micro soldering (board level) repairs.

It all depends on the problem but if we need to find it first, it can be few days. For popular backlight IC repairs, U2 repairs, audio on iPhone 7 it can be 1-2 days but for other problems it may take up to 5 days. We will precise if you contact us with the specific problem.

In some circumstances if your phone cannot be repaired, we may still recover your files. Please specify before if your files are more important or you just want the device to be fixed.

We never delete your data. Your files stay intact for the whole process of the repair. Although we ask you for the password, we only use it to test the phone after repair. We guarantee the discretion. Please check our privacy policy. At the same time, we are not liable for your data loss if that happens as a result of unforeseen complications.

Once we receive the phone for the repair, we will check the problem by running if thought set of diagnostic tests. If we find that the phone cannot be repaired because of the damage being too complex, we will inform you about this and ask for a diagnostic fee. If we fail to repair your device and this is our fault, we don’t charge you and we will return the device for free. This includes if the repair take longer than we agreed, when we order wrong replacement parts or if we fail to diagnose the problem correctly. In such cases, you have the right to cancel the repair and request the return. Those are very rare situations as we treat each repair individually.