Diagnostic service


This service will determine any problems with your phone. The fee only applies if you don’t follow with the repair.

We will run your phone through set of tests to find problems and estimate the cost of repair;

Diagnostic service may take anything from 15 minutes to 24 hours;

The task is being performed by the dedicated technician in our Store;

We suggest you to send an email mentioning the device and the problem related.

If you device is not repairable you can choose to sell it for parts. Ask us directly.




Do you want to bring it to Store ? Sure! Please book an appointment. Or you can just send it in.


Something is wrong with your phone and you need the expert to examinate it ?

Let us run your phone / tablet through some set of tests and find the reason of the fault. This service includes price estimation for solution to the problem.

We recommend the diagnostic service when you are not sure if there is more than one problem after liquid damage. In a case of a serious accident when you device behaves unexpectedly, we recommend to use the diagnostic service.

Please choose one of those 2 directions – to fix the phone or to save the data. One does not exlude another but sometimes we need to reload the software what wipes the data. Some of procedures may by risky for the data. Please let us know if your files are the priority.

The diagnostic service includes visual inspection, washing and cleaning of the motherboard after liquid damage, using multimeter to check the motherboard, swapping all parts around the motherboard to localise the actual problem. We also check batteries, charging ports and screens if there is any sign that it is actually the issue.

There are some mobile phones on the market where disassembling is so hard that may result in breaking the front screen. Those manufacturers used a very strong glue to attach the screen. Here is a list of models where there is a risk:

  • Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL
  • HTC 10
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy A3
  • iPad tablets including iPad Air, Air 2, Pro, Mini, Retina, 2, 3, 4

Don’t get us wrong. It does not mean the screen will break! In fact it is very rare and happened only on few ocassions. However the value of the screen is high. The risk is that sometimes the glue is stronger on that particular model.

Diagnosing of the phone may be sometimes limited to replacement parts which are available. For example if you send us not a very popular phone with unusual problem, we may not have parts to swap them and check if this causes the issue. This is why we suggest you to send us an email mentioning kind of the device and the problem related before ordering this service.

At the end when we find that the device is not repairable, we may offer you buying it off you for parts. You can choose to sell it or to get it returned.