Google Pixel Charging Port Repair


Get your Google Pixel charging port repaired by professionals.

New replacement part for Google Pixel (S1), original charging port

Repaired in 2 hours if you bring it to the Store

3 days turnaround if you send it. Upgrade to express repair for Next Day return


Please read about the risk related to the repairDisassembly of the Google Pixel requires removing the front screen which is strongly glued to the frame. The screen may break while removing. The risk is less than 20%. If it breaks, we add the cost of the screen on top of the price (£120).




Do you want to bring it to Store and wait for repair ? Sure! Please book an appointment. Or you can just send it in.


Is your Google Pixel not charging ?

If you have a problem with broken charging port, your Google Pixel phone in not charging or the charging port charges only at certain angles when you move the cable, it is probably the USB charging port problem. Before we proceed with replacing it, we will test it first to make sure that replacing the charging port will solve all related problems.

It is a very complicated process on the Google Pixel to replace the charging port, the manufacturer didn’t make it any easier for users with non technical skills.

To guarantee your satisfaction, we use only genuine Google Pixel charging USB port modules. We complete the repair by testing it after repair.