Get your MacBook Pro 15 repaired by professionals.

What is included ? 

New, replacement battery for MacBook Pro 15 Unibody, Apple specification replacement;

Replaced in the Store within 30 minutes and tested by qualified technician;

Return delivery available (48h / 24h courier) or pickup in the Store;

6 months warranty




Do you need a new battery for MacBook Pro 15-inch (2009-2012) ?

After already 1 year of use you can find that the battery doesn’t keep the charge as before. Sometimes the battery may just stop to hold the charge at all. We will replace the battery with original replacement in the Store and provide you with warranty.

The battery that is in your Macbook Pro 15 uses Lithium-Ion technology, like most battery powered devices today. These are extremely good batteries as they do not form a charge memory and have a longer life expectancy. The downside to them is that over time they lose their charge capacity, basically they cant hold as much charge as it once used to. MacBook battery stores information about how many times it has been already charged (those are called cycles). On average your battery will be good for between 300 – 1000 cycles depending on the model of Macbook or conditions you were using it. To find out how to check your battery health please:

  1. Go up to the Apple logo in the menu bar up in the top-left corner of the screen and click About This Mac.
  2. Next, click on System Report.
  3. In the left-hand sidebar, select Power.

This will bring up various information about your MacBook’s battery, including capacity and some other general informations. Scroll down a bit and you will see Health Information. Under that, you’ll find Cycle Counts. Anything different than “condition normal” (replace soon, replace now, service battery) means that you should change it now.

Our technician will replace the battery immediately when you bring your MacBook Pro. You always need to contact us first in prior to your visit. Sometime it is necessary to order the battery first. You will be informed once we receive it. Give us a call to check today’s parts availability – 0208 543 7088.


Accessories for your MacBook Pro 15 ?

We offer a wide range of high quality accessories for your iMac and MacBook including replacement chargers, hard cases, bags and connection cables. If you cannot find on the website what you are looking for, contact us and we will check for the specific item.

Click here to check our full range of Apple Mac accessories >. 



Ways to deliver our services:



1. Contact us first (call on 0208 543 7088) regarding the Apple MacBook Pro 15 battery replacement repair service or book the repair on the website.

2. Bring your faulty Apple MacBook Pro 15, fill the repair form in the store, get the confirmation note and leave your Mac with us.

3. Our technician will run an initial diagnostic to confirm the problem and lets the job begin! The repair should not take more than the agreed time.

4. Finally, after agreed period of time your Apple MacBook Pro 15 laptop is ready for collection, repaired.

Would you like to bring your Apple MacBook Pro 15 ? Use the booking calendar from below.

Remember to mention the model of your MacBook Pro are you going to bring, thank you.

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1. Add the Apple MacBook Pro 15 battery replacement repair service to the Cart by clicking the “Order Now” button on the page of repair service which you need.

2. Complete the checkout with your address, contact number and choose the payment method. You can pay after repair if you prefer (you will see this option at the checkout). We will call you to complete the payment when we fix your Mac.

3. Wrap your Apple MacBook Pro 15 safely. We suggest to use the Insured courier service.

Please send your Apple MacBook Pro 15″ laptop to:

136 Kingston Road
SW19 1LY London

Please write the Order number on the outer of the box.


4. Once received, you will be contacted and the repair will start immediately.

5. You will get a confirmation e-mail after we fix your Apple MacBook Pro 15 laptop. We always return it with a recorded courier service.

Phone repair delivery method of your phone to our store based in London
We use 48h recorded delivery service or Next Day Delivery for laptop nationwide repair service. Londoners can use a bicycle courier service for same day repairs (optionally with additional cost).

Paymeny methods accepted by phone and computer repair store in london raphone
Debit or Credit Card, Paypal, payments over the phone or cash on collection while in the Store.  You can also send the phone first and pay after repair (while the phone is still with us).

Checklist before you post your Mac

1. Backup your files if possible.  We leave your laptop’s data untouched, so this is optional. You can also remove the hard drive / flash storage if you know how.

2. Remove the passcode / password  or include it with your laptop so we can test the Mac after repair.

3. Remove all USB devices.

4. Please don’t include any accessories.

5. Write the Order Number or your name on the outside of the package.


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