Phone data recovery


Mobile phone data recovery services after accidental file loss.

Choose this service your files are more important to get than to fix the phone.

We test the phone to see the possibility of data recovery.

You get a quote and we concentrate on getting the content out of the phone without trying to fix the phone (sometimes we may actually need to fix it)

The work will be completed within 1 hour – 3 working days or we let you know if more time is needed before we actually start the job;

We can restore recovered data to your new phone, memory card or upload it to cloud


Price of £79 is the initial price for the service and it includes standard procedures. The price may be higher depending on the problem.

If for certain reasons data from your phone cannot be recovered, we charge £25 diagnostic fee for following a set of tasks which are a very time consuming.




Do you want to bring it to Store ? Sure! Please book an appointment. Or you can just send it in.


Did you accidentally reset your phone ?  Do you have a software issue and cannot access your files ?

We have a lot of experience with restoring a data from damaged phones. Most of the time it is from water damage phones, problems while the phone has been updated or accidental factory reset. To recover the data, we dont need to fix the phone, sometimes we can recover the data but we are not able to fix the phone. Please let us know, what is more important.

When is it still possible to recover data from the phone: 

  • If you just accidentally factory reset the phone and you didn’t use it since then
  • The phone has a water damage which occurred within last week or two
  • You received a software update and it cause the phone to freeze on a logo
  • You have dropped the phone and damaged the screen badly
  • We can still recover data from your phone if the car ran over it. We can even try when it was a bus!

Data recovery inspired by case studies:

  • Galaxy S6 Edge completely smashed, we remover the motherboard and replaced few components. After assembling the unit we were able to recover all pictures (£100)

Please note that “software repair” is a very general term and price may be different for different problems. The presented price stands for standard factory reset and does not include data recovery. For a specific problem solution, please contact us directly.


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