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Please send us a message first before buying the software repair service.

We can solve many software related inssues but there is many problems that are actually hardware related and cannot be resolved. Please describe the issue first and we check if it qualifies for the software repair. Send your message to:

We start from the diagnostic service to confirm the software nature of the problem

We can completely reload the firmware of your phone (Android or iOS)

The work will be completed within 48 hours or we let you know if more time is needed before we start the job;

This service may include backup of your files (pictures, videos, songs, contacts, messages) at additional cost


Price of £49 is the initial price for the service without saving your data. The price may be higher depending on the problem. Please mention if we shall to save your data (extra charge).

If we find that it is not possible to fix your phone due to the hardware issue or if you say that it is too expensive, we charge £25 fee for diagnostic. We may also offer you buying off the device for parts.




Do you want to bring it to Store ? Sure! Please book an appointment. Or you can just send it in.


Does your phone work very slow or does not start at all? Does it freeze very often? Do you need to save your files ? 

We have a lot of experience with phone software flashing using odin, z3x and jtag interfaces. We can unlock your phone, retrieve your files, root it or restore it to factory settings after unsucessful software operations.

If after the diagnostic we find that it is not possible to fix your phone because of the hardware issue or if you decide not to fix it because of the price, we charge £25 fee for diagnostic service. Or we may give you an option to buy it off you for parts.

Here is a list of possible problems solved by software repair: 

  • mobile phone hangs on the Samsung/ Android/ HTC / other logo when starting
  • mobile phone switches off automatically
  • problems with unrooting your phone
  • you want to remove modifications for warranty purposes
  • phone is very slow
  • phone drains a battery after recent update
  • you are not happy we the update and want to revert to the previous software

Software repairs inspired by case studies:

  • Xiaomi phone has the China ROM and some applications are not possible to be installed. We can flash you device with the official GLOBAL ROM. We have perfomed this task on Xiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi Mi4, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Xiaomi Mi3.
  • Xiaomi Mi5 does not start. When you plug it to the computer, it is recognised as Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008 device. We reload the software in the deep flash mode using official GLOBAL ROM for your device. Please note if your Xiaomi Mi5 is not recognised by the computer, the problem may be hardware related, not the software.
  • Galaxy S6 stucked on Android 6.0 update. We flash it with new firmware. Optionally we can save your data at additional cost.
  • HTC One M9 S-OFF and firmware flashing with bootloader still locked. We have perfomed this task on the Verizon version Of HTC One M9.
  • OnePlus One no service / no signal. We unlock the bootloader, flash the radio and lock the bootloader again. Phone works fine.
  • OnePlus One software restore after modifying the firmware. We load the color OS first. It will completely wipe all partitions on the phone which prevent from proper factory reset. Then we flash the official firmware again. Your OnePlus One phone is like new again.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 stucked on the Samsung logo. We flash the new Samsung firmware.
  • Galaxy S5 activation lock forgotten. We have to confirm that the phone belongs to you and bypass the activation lock while you wait.

Please note that “software repair” is a very general term and price may be different for different problems. The presented price stands for standard factory reset and does not include data recovery. For a specific problem solution, please contact us directly.


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