Xperia Z Tablet Screen / Front Glass Repair


Get your Sony Xperia Z tablet screen and the glass replaced by professionals.

New replacement part for Sony Xperia Z, original screen and the front glass

Ready in 2 hours if you bring it to the Store

3 days turnaround if you send it. Upgrade to express repair for Next Day return




Do you want to bring it to Store and wait for repair ? Sure! Please book an appointment. Or you can just send it in.


Smashed the screen or front glass on your Xperia Z tablet ?

If you have a problem with the LCD display, touch function, vertical lines on the screen or broken front glass it will be all fixed if you use this service. All those parts come as one unit and we replace them.

The screen repair service usually covers everything related to the whole front of your tablet, the touch function, the display, front glass and the backlight. It is a quite unique for different mobile phones and tablets. (read more >)

To guarantee your satisfaction, we replace the whole front assembly. It has been all proven by years of experience with fixing the Sony Xperia Z series mobile phones and tablets.

Please note we cannot be responsible for your XPERIA Z tablet being waterproof  after repair as this is a subject to the Sony’s internal tests after manufacturing process.