Water damage repair


The price is for the work only and does not include replacement parts. We will give you the quote after we check your device.

You will be quoted with possible options and the cost before we start the actual repair;

First we run a diagnostic to determine all problems and the cost (we need 1-24 hours);

Once the price has been agreed, we start the repair (can take few days);

We can also retrieve your data (pictures, movies, files) from your water damaged phone even if the phone cannot be fixed

Please note if your device is not repairable or if you decide to not follow with the repair, we ask you for the £25 diagnostic fee. Price includes the return postage.




Do you want to bring it to Store ? Sure! Please book an appointment. Or you can just send it in.


Have you dropped your phone into the water ? Any other liquid spillage ? Shall we recover your files ?

Please read all informations carefully.

Water or liquid damage is one of the most difficult kind of repairs. Actually anything could happen to the inside of your device. Sometimes it may require to change some components on your device’s motherboard.


The standard price for water damage is £49 and does not include components which have to be replaced if your phone is still not fully functional. This can be controversial but usually if your phone is not fully functional, replacement parts may add the cost.

We never push you to do the repair, we always ask you first! You will get serveral options for the repair if possible.

Let us take a look, there is around 70% chance your phone will star to work again or at least we will retrieve your files!

Partially working water damaged phones.

Sometimes after liquid damage your device may switch on or give some other symptoms that it is partially functional. Every time to do the repair, we need to clean the motherboard first before attempting the repair. Some mobile phones that are heavily damaged stop to work completely after cleaning. We still recommend to clean the phone after water damage but please consider the possibility that it may stop to work completely on some very rare occasions. This is not about further damage caused but about consequence of removing the corrosion from the damaged phone. We don’t consider any claims that the phone is even more damaged than it was and we still ask for the diagnostic fee (£25), as we follow same set of procedures leading to fixing your phone.

Concerns about disassembling some phones.

There are some mobile phones on the market where disassembling is so hard that may result in damage of the front screen. Those manufacturers used a very strong glue to attach the screen. Here is a list of models where there is a risk:

  • Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL
  • HTC 10
  • HTC A9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy A3
  • iPad tablets
  • Microsoft Surface tablets

Don’t get us wrong. It does not mean the screen will break! In fact it is very rare and happened only on few ocassions. However the value of the screen is high. The risk is that sometimes the glue is stronger on that particular model.

Please note: If you device cannot be repaired or you don’t agree with the cost for fixing it, there will be charge of £25 diagnostic fee as we spend more than an hour and possibly more with determining the problem.