iPad Mini Repair
iPad mini repair services in UK, Online repair or bring it in

Select iPad Mini repair type

Repair services for the Apple model A1489 and A1490. If the model number does not match, click here.

Repairs combined together, come with a discount. If you choose to replace the battery when you change the broken screen on your iPad Mini, the total price will be lower. Ask for more info.


Post your iPad Mini

1-5 days repair turnaround for the iPad Mini repair when you send it, choose the service from the website, enter your details, send with courier or Royal Mail and get it back repaired within few days. You decide how fast it needs to be done. You can pay after repair. 

While you wait repair

Book an appointment for your Apple iPad Mini repair. It will be fixed within agreed time, usually in less than 3 hours, while you wait or ready for collection next day. See you in our store. If you cannot come, we can arrange the same day courier collection (optional).

Bring it in, we can repair anything !


Still considering taking your iPad back to Apple for the repair ? You will loose your data, they will keep if for few days. Actually you will not even get your device back but another iPad, previously repaired. That whole repair process takes with them up to 2 weeks. We can do better !

We repair all Apple iPad models using best quality replacement parts. We don’t delete your personal files. Expect perfect results of the repair. 

Broken screen, front or back glass, cracked camera lens, battery problem, charging issues, power button not working or software problems. Even if it has been run over by a car, lets try to fix it !

Select the repair type that you need. Next, choose the way how you want to get it repaired: by post or while you wait in the store.

The model name of the iPad Mini should be A1395 or A1397. The iPad can be identified through the Apple website by the serial number or the model name, printed on the back of the iPad. To be redirected to the Apple website, click here.




Please note, for any other service than the screen or front glass repair where the device needs to be disassembled, there is a small risk of breaking the front glass / LCD screen. Although we have a lot experience, we don’t take responsibility if the front screen breaks while opening the iPad. Call us for more info.

Apple iPad Mini Repairs

Each repair job starts with diagnostic service to confirm
the problem.



Water Damage Repair

We have a high success rate of repairing liquid damaged Apple iPad tablets. If your iPad cannot be repaired, we can still try to recover the data.


Broken Screen Repair

Usually caused by physical impact and occurs in touch screen not working, physically broken front glass or problems with the LCD display. We use highest quality Apple parts to replace the LCD screen and the glass on your Apple iPad. Expect perfect results!


Charging Port Repair

We will first diagnose the problem with your Apple iPad charging port and replace it, if it is faulty. The repair process usually takes 3 hours.



iPad repair services in London by phone and computer repair specialist Fix Factor London


Software help with iOS

Apple iPad Mini tablet is a powerful computer. We can help you with the system setup, data transfer, mail accounts configuration or anything else related to the iOS.


Data Recovery Services

If you Apple iPad Mini does not power at all but you need to access your files, we can provide you data recovery service. We will disassemble the tablet and check for possible options.


iPad Mini Battery Replacement

If your Apple iPad Mini powers on but does not hold a charge for too long, you may need a new battery. The battery replacement job takes around 3 hours and requires booking in prior to your visit.


We need to test your iPad after the repair

Ipad Air repair services in UK, Online services offered


Please provide us with the password / passcode, so we can diagnose your iPad Mini and test it after repair. We need to do this before we assemble your device. We won’t be able to complete the repair without it. You will be contacted if those details are missing and the repair will be put on hold until then.

Don’t worry about your data, we don’t delete it and those stay safe for the whole process of the repair. 



iPad Accessories

We offer a wide range of high quality accessories for your iPad Mini tablet including tempered glass screen protectors, replacement chargers, cables, cases and speakers. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will check for the specific item.



Read what customers say about Apple iPad Mini repair.

Excellent customer service! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff who really care about fixing your device and know what they are doing! Definitely recommend!read more
Erin Kosobudska
Erin Kosobudska
00:01 05 Dec 18
Fixed my phone within a couple of hours, when several other shops had said it would take 2 - 4 weeks. Everyone was really friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.read more
Kate Lloyd
Kate Lloyd
15:18 11 Nov 18
Used this Company on a recommendation and great reviews. Can only say that the excellent feedback is fully justified. Right from the moment of first telephone call, Ceasar was most professional in explaining costs and timescale of my Samsung screen repair. Raphone may not be the cheapest, but certainly seem the best. My phone had been returned looking like new and seems to be working normally. Would thoroughly recommend this professional company and not hesitate to use again.D Thomasread more
Daphne Thomas
Daphne Thomas
15:38 10 Nov 18
Excellent service and advice. The job only took a few minutes and I wasn't charged! Also the waiting area is very clean and stylish (if you did have to wait!). Very impressed by the friendly and knowledgeable staff.read more
Jane Kersley
Jane Kersley
11:10 08 Nov 18
I took my laptop in for a look at some audio issues. The team there spent about 20 mins diagnosing the problem before recommending a reinstall of windows. I wasn't charged a thing for the advice, (which turned out to be correct), even though I offered to pay. Wonderful customer service like that is hard to find!read more
Richard English
Richard English
19:08 30 Sep 18
After a rocky start, the service offered by raphone was excellent. I found that the staff were friendly and informative in their explanations. I felt like I knew what was happening and was presented with relevant choices. The fix worked well and is still holding up in the face of the active use I put my phone through.read more
Wilhelm So
Wilhelm So
15:31 04 Sep 18
These guys were great. Took my phone there convinced it needed a new battery and was ready to pay for it. They went over it and found all it needed was a throrough clean of the port, took a chunk of time doing so, fixed it, and sent me off refusing to take any payment! Awesome service!read more
Greg Keith
Greg Keith
10:13 30 Aug 18
Professional and friendly service. Went in there to check a faulty phone battery, or so I thought. They stayed after hours waiting for me to get there, diagnosed that the issue wasn't the battery (I'd been told this by other repair shops...trying to get a quick buck no doubt) and then didn't charge me a thing for it. May be able to find a cheaper quick fix elsewhere but wouldn't trust anyone more than these guys with my phone.read more
Adam Shone
Adam Shone
09:20 15 Aug 18
The experience as a whole was very friendly and accommodating. The staff both online and in person work around you and assure that you are informed about your repair and that you get your technology fixed as soon as possible. Overall it was a genuinely good and honest service.read more
Lindesy Robbin
Lindesy Robbin
14:49 14 Aug 18
Amazing service and response time. I had broken the screen on my oneplus. I called in advance and they explained exactly what would happen very clearly and how much it would cost. The store was easy to find, the staff were very friendly and they fixed my screen within an hour while I sat in the waiting area. Very pleased with this service and would definitely recommend it.read more
Manpreet Singh Khera
Manpreet Singh Khera
08:49 11 Aug 18
I had broken the glass in front of my phone's camera, something that the manufacturers official repairer said they didn't know they could fix, and would take at least 7 days.I contacted Raphone by email and got a quick reply confirming they could fix it, and the price. I then went into the store and dropped my phone off and it was fixed in under 2 hours.Staff on email and in person were very friendly and helpful and prices were reasonable.This isn't one of those dodgy looking phone repair places, this is a legitimate and professional store and services. Very happy with everything.read more
Marshall Whitehouse
Marshall Whitehouse
12:13 26 Jul 18
Excellent service, keen prices, and a super quick turnaround. I posted it on Thursday, and it was back with me by Tuesday!I have tried a few of these repair guys in the past, not always with good results. The quality of the work is top notch, you wouldn't know it had been repaired.Will definitely be a returning customer, and will recommend to all my friends. Top job!read more
Mike Higgins
Mike Higgins
12:07 10 Jul 18
Really friendly, professional and very helpful. Gave me clear expectations on required pricing and repair times, and kept me updated by text. As spare parts for my coal-powered laptop just aren't available anymore, they didn't charge me despite all the time researching the issue and spare parts. Highly recommended!read more
Derek S
Derek S
19:15 07 Jul 18
Very polite gentlemen. They replaced my Nexus 6p battery while I waited (reading a book on their sofa). It took about 30 minutes. A nice, clean little shop. You can see them doing the repairs. Offered me an orange juice to boot! I wish them success.read more
Steve Lympany
Steve Lympany
15:23 04 Jul 18
I presented them with a laptop showing random bizarre behaviour. They identified this as a virus, and gave me a detailed description of the sequence of steps they would take, and the cost of each step. They were able to clean the computer without having to reinstall Windows. Very impressive, and I would definitely go there again with any future problem. I can recommend them without any reservations.read more
Gregory Bock
Gregory Bock
15:46 27 Jun 18
Called in here to ask if they were able to print something out from my iPhone. They did so free of charge, very polite and friendly service. We mentioned that my iPhone battery kept discharging quickly. They offered to fit a new one in less than 10 mins for £39, which we agreed too. My phone is working extremely well now and keeps its charge. Excellent service, which we would recommend to anyone. We know where to go in future. Thank you.read more
Steena Manton
Steena Manton
19:24 23 Jun 18
Very professional service. Love the transparency and honesty that comes across when they talk you through your options and the process. I've not given five stars because there was a delay ordering my new screen, but they were upfront about this and got onto it right away. Altogether I was very pleased with the service.read more
Bianca Hollis
Bianca Hollis
18:25 18 Jun 18
Excellent level of serviceI took my iPhone 6s Plus into Raphone today as the screen was broken and required fixing. Staff at Raphone were polite, Professional and highly experienced in phone repairs.Screen repair carried out on time without any delays. Screen part used on my phone was of high quality.Glad I went here to have my phone fixed will be using again whenever my gadgets are in need of repair.Will highly recommend Raphone to all I knowThanks Guys for a job well done.Mr Phillip Noble.read more
Philip Noble
Philip Noble
16:03 08 Jun 18
If you are a Google Pixel or Pixel 2XL owner in London then this is the place to go for screen repairs. I live in East London and extensive Google searching yielded few places that might be able to help me. Those that could wanted £250 for the repair. The guys at Raphone were very helpful over the phone and the online appointment system on their website is really handy and inspires confidence that you will be attended to when you arrive. A quick call before hand to ensure they have the part you need is always a good idea. I arrived about 45 minutes before my appointment time but there were no dramas and they took the phone and got to work on it soon after rather than leave it until the appointment time. Almost bang on the time they said it would be ready it was. Very polite and friendly service and despite the long trip for me I would use them again and recommend them to others.read more
Pete Davis
Pete Davis
12:11 04 Apr 18

Frequently Asked Questions:


Front glass broken or the LCD ?

Front glass is the outer layer of the screen protecting it and making the inner display stronger. The LCD screen is right under the front glass and it is the actual display. The LCD screen may still work with broken front glass but the touch screen may be not functional. If the LCD screen is broken, it may show vertical lines on the display or may not show anything at all.

The price is the same because we have to replace both parts every time. This is because they are bonded together and any attempt to separate them could break the screen or the result of repair could not be satisfying. We only separated those services to help you identify the actual screen problem with your tablet.

We use original replacement parts to fix your Apple iPad tablet for most repair jobs. Only iPad 2, 3, 4, Air 1st gen and mini front glass is high quality replacement. All parts are tested before we fit them. LCD screen replacements are Apple genuine, expect perfect repair.

We offer 6 months warranty on all hardware Apple iPad repairs. The warranty covers parts and labours. Software repairs can be guaranteed but depends on the problem. You will be informed once we diagnose the problem with your Surface tablet.

Please tell us how much you can pay for the Apple iPad repair. In many cases we can offer you a discount. Yes, we are open to negotiations.

Yes we do ! If you are from South West London or Central London area, we can offer you repair in your place. This is a subject to free slots availability. Some repairs need to be done in the laboratory but then we can arrange courier collection and quick return if it needs to be done same day. Please note same day courier is at additional cost.

There are few factors determining time of the repair. For services that we have parts in stock, we can return it fixed within 5 working days or for next day if you choose priority repair. For water damaged devices, diagnostic services or software issues, the repair may take few days. If we need to get parts for the repair, this may take also few more days. Always contact us first to avoid the disappointment.

We never delete your data. Your files stay intact for the whole process of the repair. Although we ask you for the password, we only use it to test the device after repair. We guarantee the discretion. Please check our privacy policy. At the same time, we are not liable for your data loss if that happens as a result of unforeseen complications.

Once we receive the tablet for the repair, we will check the problem by running it through set of diagnostic tests. If we find that the iPad cannot be repaired because of the damage being too complex, we will inform you about this. The diagnostic fee still applies. If we fail to repair your device and this is our fault, we don’t charge you and we will return the device for free. This includes if the repair take longer than we agreed or when we order wrong replacement parts, or if we fail to diagnose the problem correctly. In such cases, you have the right to cancel the repair and request the return. Those are very rare situations as we treat each repair individually.

If there is any risk around the repair that could develop additional problems, we will let you know before we start the job. Any repair different than screen replacement that requires disassembly of the Apple iPad, brings the risk of breaking the front screen. If that happens, the customer covers the cost of the new screen. Otherwise we take full responsibility for the work we do and if anything we damage, we will restore it to its full functionality.