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Select your Apple iPad Pro 12.9 repair

Repair services are still very limited for this model, please inquire before sending.



Not sure of your iPad model ?

The model of your Apple tablet can be identified through the Apple website by the serial number. To be redirected to the Apple website, click here. The model of your device can be also found at the back of your tablet. It should look like Axxxx, for example A1219.

If you still have problems with recognising model of your iPad, just bring it, send us an e-mail or call.




Ipad Air repair services in UK, Online services offered

Provide the password for your device

Please include the passcode, so we can diagnose your iPad Pro 12.9 and test it after repair, before we assemble it. We won’t be able to complete the repair without it. You will be contacted if those details are missing.

Don’t worry about your data, we don’t delete it and those stay safe for the whole process of the repair. 




Bring it in, we can repair anything !


iPad screen repair services in UK

Broken screen or front glass repair

Usually caused by physical impact and occurs in touch screen not working or problems with display. We use highest quality parts to replace the LCD screen and the glass on your iPad. Please note front glass and LCD are bonded together and need to be changed at the same time. Expect perfect results of the repair ! 

Battery replacement for iPad Pro 12.9 tablets

You may not realise how the battery life gets shorter after already 1 year of use. There is no need for buying new tablet. We can replace it quick and effectively. Special conditions apply.

Charging port repair

We can replace broken charging connector on your iPad Pro 12.9 tablet. Conditions apply.

Software help with iOS

If you need any help with setup, data transfer or need to reinstall the software, we are here to help.


iPad broken glass repair services

LCD screen or front glass repair ?

Whichever service you choose that stands for the screen replacement or just the front glass repair, we replace both – the sceen and the glass, every time. This is because those are bonded together. We only separated those services to help you identify the actual screen problem with your iPad Pro 12.9 tablet.

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iPad Pro 9.7 repair services in UK, Online repair or bring it in
iPad walk-in or Online repair ?

Considering sending your iPad Pro 12.9 to Apple ? You will loose all the data, they delete your files. That whole repair process takes longer and they actually don’t repair your iPad Air but replace it with another, already repaired tablet. What if you choose us ?

We repair iPad Pro 12.9 tablet models using highest quality replacement parts. We don’t delete your personal files. Expect perfect results of the repair. 

Send your iPad Pro 12.9 for 3-days turnaround Online repair. We can repair it and return for tomorrow if urgent. Just follow instructions given by the website.

For walk-in customers, we require booking to guarantee same day repair. Please use the booking calendar or call our team.

iPad Pro 12.9 repair that you need is not listed ? No problem. Call 0208 543 7088.

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Please read about the risk related to the repair


Please note, for any other service than the LCD screen / front glass repair where the device needs to be disassembled – there is a small risk of breaking the LCD screen. Although we have a lot experience, we cannot promise that the screen will not break. If the screen breaks, there is additional cost as we don’t cover the damage. For services where the screen is already damaged, there is no additional risk.


iPad Pro 12.9 Accessories

We offer a wide range of high quality accessories for your Apple iPad Pro 12.9 tablet including replacement chargers, cables, earphones, cases, bike mounts, car holders and speakers. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will check for the specific item.

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